SalesMust Free Edition (free version) is developed by Shanghai Dajian Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Dajian). It is a marketing customer management platform created by Dajian on the website. If you apply for a SalesMust Free Edition account ( Free Edition account) and use the appropriate Service, you must agree to this agreement first.


  1. (1)When you use the Service, you know and agree to this SalesMust Free Edition Account Agreement;
  2. (2)This agreement will be revised and updated when necessary, and will take effect immediately after the website is published; if it is a policy adjustment, it will be passed within 30 days to notify the account by email;
  3. (3)If you refuse to accept the new agreement, you will be deemed to have waived the use of the free service provided by the SalesMust website; if you continue to use the the service provided by the free version indicates that you accept the new agreement;
  4. (4)Unless otherwise stated, new features of certain enhanced services will apply to this agreement;
  5. (5)This agreement can only be modified by a free version of the written authorization.

2、Service Content

  1. (1)The services described in this agreement are only valid on the Chinese website of the SalesMust website. The SalesMust Chinese website refers to and its own webpage;
  2. (2) SalesMust Free Edition does not charge customers any fees, and there is no related additional services;
  3. (3) SalesMust Free Edition has the right to adjust the content of the service according to the actual situation.


  1. (1)The account on the SalesMust website is a company or individual that can assume legal responsibility. If you do not have this qualification, please do not use the services provided by the SalesMust website;
  2. (2)The SalesMust website requires accounts to comply with relevant laws and regulations when enjoying the service. It have no liability for disputes with other companies or individuals arising from the use of the account;
  3. (3) The SalesMust website reserves the right to suspend services for malicious accounts without notice;
  4. (4) The services on the SalesMust website will not be available to companies or individuals who have been temporarily or permanently disqualified.


  1. (1)The 50 free accounts of the SalesMust website are free for a long time and those are free of charge for no more than the regular use, storage, and uploading of data (5M).
  2. (2)SalesMust reserves the right to adjust the charging model and the specific amount, involving the charging service, and we will notify the account by email at least 30 days in advance.

5、Service Term

The SalesMust website reserves the right to determine whether the Free Edition account is compliant with the Free Edition Account Agreement. If the Free Edition account violates the Free Edition Account Agreement, the SalesMust website reserves the right to cancel the SalesMust Free Edition account or take other measures that the SalesMust website deems appropriate.

6、Service Termination

The SalesMust website reserves the right to suspend, terminate, cancel or deny account services at any time in any of the following circumstances.

  1. (1);The account violates this agreement or any terms that are within the scope of the agreement
  2. (2)Termination of the service in accordance with the relevant instructions of this agreement;
  3. (3)Distribute duplicate information using the publishing features of the SalesMust website;
  4. (4)Sending a large amount of information unrelated to the business to the SalesMust website account without request or authorization;
  5. (5)Publish commercial information and conduct business activities in the name of other companies
  6. (6)Attack data, networks or services on the SalesMust website;
  7. (7)Steal someone's username and/or password on the SalesMust website.

The following information is strictly forbidden and absolutely terminates account services:

  1. (1)Derogatory words about religion, race or gender;
  2. (2)Harass, abuse or threaten other accounts;
  3. (3)Infringement of any third party copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights, publishing rights or privacy rights;
  4. (4)Any other information that violates Internet related laws and regulations.

7、Security Strategy

  1. (1)The SalesMust website takes a security policy. If the account triggers the security mechanism of the SalesMust website, it will be temporarily or permanently prohibited from accessing the SalesMust website again. At the same time, the information posted by other accounts on the SalesMust website will be temporarily or permanently unavailable for viewing by the account;
  2. (2)Username, password and security

    During the registration process, you are free to choose a login name and password, and you are responsible for its confidentiality and all activities. You agree to:

    • (1)For unauthorized use of your login name and password and other breaches of security, the account should immediately inform the SalesMust website that the company will take technical measures to prevent malicious damage;
    • (2)Be sure to leave the site correctly each time you use the SalesMust website. The SalesMust website is not responsible for any damages resulting from your failure to comply with this agreement.

8、Free Edition account rights and obligations

  1. (1)After the free version of the account service is in effect, the account will be eligible for the free version of the service;
  2. (2) The free version of the account must be in compliance with local and Chinese laws and regulations when using the corresponding services provided by the SalesMust website; you must not use the website for any illegal activities; you need comply with all agreements, rules, procedures and practices related to the use of the website;
  3. (3)The Free Edition account must be reviewed and approved by the SalesMust website if it needs to modify its account information. If the free account uses fake account information, SalesMust reserves the right to terminate its services;
  4. (4)The account is responsible for the accuracy, reliability, legality, applicability, etc. of the input data;
  5. (5)Whether known or unknown, including reasonable attorneys' fees, the account agrees to make compensation to protect Dajian Technology, SalesMust Network, employees, and all agents from damage for each type and nature of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, or the account's violation of any law or third party rights, as a result of an account's use of the SalesMust Website Service, in violation of this Agreement or by reference in the case of any claims, claims, suits, losses and damages (actual, special and consequential).

9、Rights and obligations of the SalesMust website

  1. (1) Provide the services promised by the SalesMust website for the free account;
  2. (2)The ownership and operation rights of the SalesMust website service are not limited to Dajian Technology without written permission;
  3. (3)Service interruption, link obstruction or other defects due to force majeure (including but not limited to   Natural disasters, social events, and any factors that affect the normal operation of the network, including hacking, the impact of technical adjustments in the telecommunications sector, and temporary closures caused by government regulations, due to the special nature of the website, SalesMust website do not assume any responsibility, but will try to reduce the losses and impacts caused to the members;
  4. (4)The SalesMust website will do its utmost to reduce errors, but the services and information provided on the website may still contain incorrect content, and the SalesMust website is not liable for damages caused by the use of the SalesMust website. The SalesMust website does not warrant its services and information, and will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive damages or other damages resulting from the use of the SalesMust website, even if it is previously notified. The same is true of the possibility of damage. If you are dissatisfied with some or all of the services offered on the SalesMust website, your can stop using these services;
  5. (5)SalesMust does not assume any responsibility for the abnormal interruption of the free account service due to the SalesMust website, and the SalesMust website does not bear any joint loss resulting from other aspects of the membership;
  6. (6)The SalesMust website reserves the right to remove any content posted in the Free Edition account that violates Chinese laws, regulations, the SalesMust Free Edition Account Agreement, or other content that the SalesMust website considers unacceptable. In the event of serious circumstances, the SalesMust website reserves the right to cancel its account.

10、Statement on the collected information on the SalesMust website

  1. (1)If you wish to become a user of the SalesMust website, you must register and provide the appropriate information. When you register for an account on the SalesMust website, the SalesMust website needs to collect information such as your name, email address, and more. When you browse the SalesMust website, the server automatically collects your IP address, which is used only by the computer to send you relevant pages to help you monitor unauthorized logins.
  2. (2)The free version of the SalesMust website can publish business information, and the SalesMust website has the right to review the posting or removal of information submitted by the account. All accounts are solely responsible for the accuracy, completeness, immediacy, and legality of the information they post. The SalesMust website will check the information submitted by the account as much as possible, but it does not guarantee the accuracy and legality of the information. Nor does it assume any legal responsibility arising therefrom. The SalesMust Website shall in no event be liable for loss of profits or any special, indirect or consequential damages (however, in any way, including negligence) arising out of or in connection with the Site, the services of the Site or this Agreement.
  3. (3)The SalesMust website collects information on global suppliers and their products, the needs of global buyers, builds their database systems, and owns copyrights on relevant information and website design. It is not responsible for the accuracy of the data. The SalesMust website reserves the right to pursue legal liability for any unauthorized copying or unauthorized commercial activities based on the SalesMust website.

11、Final interpretation

SalesMust reserves the right of final interpretation of any activities, restrictions, etc. to SalesMust.

12、 Copyright Notice

All content on the SalesMust website is copyrighted by Dajian Technology and any and all copies of any form without the written permission of Dajian Technology are strictly prohibited. All copyrights must be translated.

13.Liability exemption

  1. (1)Shanghai Dajian Information Technology Co., Ltd. and its agents do not make any representations, promises or guarantees for the validity, correctness, quality, stability, reliability, timeliness, applicability, authenticity of the “services” and their contents, Practicality, accuracy or completeness, etc.
  2. (2)The account understands and accepts that the transmission of any information depends on the account itself and all risks and liabilities for system damage or loss of data;
  3. (3)The SalesMust website makes no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, regarding the business process between accounts;
  4. (4)The SalesMust website, employees, owners, and agents are not responsible for the loss or damage caused by the use of the information posted on the SalesMust website and the decisions or actions taken by the account to believe the information published on the SalesMust website;
  5. (5)The SalesMust website, employees, owners, and agents are not liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special, or other damages caused by the use of the account or for the services of the SalesMust website, even if prior notice is made of the possibility of damage.

14、Settlement of Disputes

Any failure of the SalesMust website and the free version of the account to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the agreement is considered a breach of contract and is handled in accordance with the provisions of the Contract Law; if disputes arise between the parties within the scope of this agreement, they should be resolved through friendly negotiation. This agreement applies to the laws of the People's Republic If there is a lack of clear legal provisions for a particular matter related to this agreement, reference should be made to common international business practices and industry practices.