About Sales Must

SalesMust is a product of MUST Group Co., Ltd., a socialized CRM platform customized for the financial industry. Its biggest bright spot is embedded in WeChat marketing. In the era of new media marketing, how to find, establish, track and manage Customers, to seize the opportunities for future competition? We believe that you need a platform that is suitable for you and become our partner of Salesmust to experience the powerful system of Salesmust.

If you have the following requirements, SalesMust can solve it for you.

1、The company has dozens of sales teams. Every day I see that I am calling customers, but the amount of billing is very small. If I can see the records of each sales and customer communication anytime, anywhere, I can know that how good is the customer's situation!

2、 The company's sales staff turnover rate is very high, customer resources are difficult to save, even if the customer data is saved, may be you do not know the previous sales record of customer contact. How to solve this?

3、There are 5 sales departments in our company, 20 in each department, and 7-8 in each team leader. It is not easy to manage a large number of people. For each salesperson's performance, number of telephones, and assessment indicators, it is impossible to visually see the performance of each team in each department. The energyization and flat management of various assessment indicators is the biggest demand.

We can't rely on a certain person in the process of providing services to our customers. We must make customers feel that a team is serving him. No matter who finds the company or who receives it, they can view the customer activity record and customer history. Activity materials to serve customers and provide their own personalized services. Sales automation is a highly respected concept in modern online marketing theory.

It is a light and simple Internet product dedicated to providing new ideas for customer relationship management and marketing for SMEs and teams. It uses WeChat as the marketing portal to collect information on target and potential customers; it is supported by contact management to establish the basis for follow-up; email and SMS are used as marketing outlets to enable enterprises to better communicate information to The ultimate customer, thus helping companies to achieve customer management and marketing goals more easily.

SalesMust is growing steadily and hopes to witness a new era in Internet marketing.

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Sam huProduct analyst

Gain insight into customer needs, grasp product direction, achieve customer value, and aspire to make products better and become a reliable friend of customers. Cooperation is better, and sharing is more rewarding. Be optimistic, cheerful, love products, love life.

Felix LeungR & D Engineer

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Take pride in hands-on practice, be ashamed to be unskilled; take pride in printing logs, be ashamed of mistakes; be proud of local variables, be ashamed of global variables; be proud of unit tests, be ashamed of manual testing, it is proud of code reuse, copying and pasting as shame; it is proud of polymorphic application, and is ashamed of branch judgment; it is proud of defining constants, and is ashamed of magic numbers; it is proud of summing up thinking, and is not ashamed of not seeking solutions.

DanaR & D Engineer

Writing a line of code is often more important than understanding it. Because understanding the problem may be just a mathematical or experimental skill, and writing a new line of code requires creative imagination and marks a real improvement in programming.

MikeR & D Engineer

Strengthen teamwork to make product development and promotion more efficient; continuous learning and exploring to make products more perfect; response to user feedback positively to enhance the experience; with these, I firmly believe that this will be a useful and powerful product.

shirleyProduct Designer

Intereseted in movies, music, food, nature, exploration, simplicity, freedom, and all good things.

henryWebsite operation

We don't do marketing, we find and improve the inadequacies to provide users with better products and better experience! We don't speak for ourselves, we hope users speak for us!

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I'm keen on Web design and engineering, with good command of JavaScript, CSS, node.js, jQuery,html5,css3,jqueryMobile,bootstarp. I'm also interested in Computer Graphics, and Image Processing.