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The CRM and KPI solutions for the financial industry have made your company's performance soar. Dajian Information Technology has always focused on big and simple. Every user company is personalized. If you need to know more about SalesMust's solution, please contact us and the Thunderbolt team will tailor a personalized solution that is tailored to your business needs.

Easily realize that each sales person has his own self-media, customer information intelligent access to Salesmust system, WeChat marketing so easy!

Whether you are in a company, on a business trip or at home, you can work from a PC, mobile phone or tablet to share a transparent social way.

Strengthen the information sharing of the sales team, facilitate the management of the sales personnel of the superiors, and strengthen the team's ability to work together. To achieve the quantification of assessment criteria, the first to achieve OEC management.

Rich management functions, graphical data presentation, can clearly see the work situation and performance report of each salesperson in each department at any time.

Rich management functions, graphical data presentation, can clearly see the work situation and performance report of each salesperson in each department at any time.

Charged version

600Yuan / month / month (yearly fee)

  • Priority sales service and technical support
  • Embedded WeChat integrated marketing, customers automatically enter CRM
  • Unlimited mailbox template, DIY email content
  • A variety of security measures to ensure information security
  • API third-party data interface integration

Registration Please register your contact information and there will be a professional sales staff to serve you.

Free version

90Yuan / month / month (free trial)

  • Up to 50 accounts
  • 5 mailbox templates
  • Rich management features to make data graphical
  • Financial, KPI, OEC management functions
  • Social customer management

Self-service opening By configuring your information self-service, you can open a CRM service that is unique to your team.

They are using salesMust...

Salesmust is not only CRM, but also integrates with social customer management and KPI quantitative assessment. Through salesmust CRM, our AETOS company easily realizes promotion, promotion, maintenance of old customers and development of new customers. It is very powerful.
managing agents has always been a key part of the company's management. Salesmust CRM helps streamline management and standardizes a series of processes such as personnel management and deposit and withdrawal management.
BFS forex
WeChat marketing is one of the key tasks of our company in the past two years, with a lot of investment, but the effect is limited. Salesmust CRM can directly import WeChat customer information, helping each salesperson to have their own self-media goals, greatly improving the conversion rate of WeChat marketing, and worth having.
Natural precious metal
Salesmust CRM management is rich in functions, data is graphical, can effectively manage each sales link, while providing personalized real-time sales overview and sales KPIs, and can also install custom sales performance report format according to precious metal trading characteristics, very flexible, Easy to use!
Shenyin precious metal
For our futures industry, customers are food parents, and each customer is struggling to get it. Salesmust CRM helps our marketers manage the entire process from customer leads, follow-up, to conversion to effective customers, and see the overall picture of customer development and the performance of each market person. For Shenyin Precious Metals, It’s really amazing.
Giant wing precious metal
In the past, our sales staff rushed for signing, but did not become part of system marketing. Salesmust helps to achieve team information sharing, which greatly facilitating the management of sales staff. Compared with the previous CRM system, it is simple and practical, and the assessment standard is directly quantified. It is a new marketing tool for saving management costs.
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